The Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna" (MUK, former "Konservatorium Wien") is the first (and still only) Austrian didactic institution that owns an early music department, in which students will be taught on original instruments.

L.C. found in this department the possibility to mostly realize his ideal of a global teaching, In fact, near lute, he teaches also thoroughbass and historical harmonics and counterpoint for lute players. These subjects will be not taught separately, they will flow together weekly during the teaching hours. In this way, the compositions will be analyzed under different but coordinated points of view, minimizing the risk of dismemberment of a unitary musical thought.

In this context it will be possible to find out thoroughbass patterns through the analysis of a solo composition, to achieve a better understanding of a solo piece trough the analysis of a thoroughbass, to work on improvisation patterns in the counterpoint lesson.

The central point of the way of teaching Contini's can be exposed with the words K. Jarrett's: "I don't like the piano. I don't love piano music. I love the music which comes out from the piano".
It is now clear that in Contini's class, studying and playing thoroughbass will take the same leading role (if not even more) as the practicing of solo repertoire.

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