About me

The luck of being in the right place at the right moment has shaped my life so far: the luck to grow up in Sassari (Sardinia) in the 1960s-1970s; the luck to have a family that was able to finance my studies and was willing to do so without any restrictions; the luck of meeting at the age of 10 a wonderful person like Armando Marrosu, the best guitar teacher one can imagine.

But also the good fortune to make decisions that later turned out to be right: to decide at the age of 20 on a career as a musician instead of (like my father) as a physician; to move to Basel after graduating in musicology in Bologna and to be admitted to study and work at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis with influential personalities such as Hopkinson Smith, Jordi Savall, Michel Piguet, Jesper Bøje Christensen and Markus Jans among others. Also very important for the development of my musical personality was the constant exchange of ideas and playing with fellow students in Basel, especially with my unforgettable friend Karl-Ernst (Charlie) Schröder.

Subsequently, I began a successful career as a concert artist during which, alongside radio and television recordings, I participated in numerous recordings for various record companies as a chamber musician and soloist, and my CDs with works by A. Piccinini and G. Zamboni were praised by international critics as outstanding recordings.

1986, soon after completing my studies in Basel, I decided to move to Vienna, where I began to teach at the MDW in 1988 and since 1997 also at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna (today MUK), until my retirement in 2023.